Charlie Salazar

Product Manager & UX Specialist

I prioritize usability testing, research, innovative design practices and empathy to build enterprise products that meet the needs of all stakeholders, from users to executives alike.

My Guiding Principles



Design is power. Good design gives power to the powerless, and that’s why I design enterprise products and services to empower teams to do their best work which ultimately leads to better customer experiences.



I believe that strong research leads to effective product design. Having an in-depth understanding of a user’s needs (before the product’s ideation) leads to more intuitive and accessible interfaces reducing
training time and real word mistakes.



The people who use my tools have hard jobs. My job is to design products that are so easy to use that it feels like muscle memory. It is crucial to ideate to maximize efficiency while minimizing any confusion.



A product isn’t finished after its first design iteration. My process is driven by customer observation & feedback – making the evolution of a product more efficient and beneficial to users.

“Charlie works with precision and focus, delivers on-time, and is flexible to accommodate for changes along the way... He has a tremendous ability to blend his creativity and business savvy to create functional and usable designs.”

Jeff K

Co-Founder at

I had the great opportunity to work with Charlie during the nearly 2.5 years I was at His in-depth knowledge and active use of the latest products allowed him to continually present interesting designs, incorporating current UI/UX standards into all of our new products and features. Charlie is like a human cannonball. He's full of energy and ideas. If you get him focused and aimed at the appropriate target, he'll amaze you with the impact he can make.

Christopher G.

Former colleague at

My Process in a Nutshell

My design process revolves around feedback from customers and users alike. From a product’s first kickoff meeting to its delivery, customer feedback is an integral part of my decision-making process.


My ultimate goal is always to empower the user, knowing that design is a crucial part of a product’s effectiveness. Before a product’s MVP build, I chart the features for prioritizing development and build fast clickable prototypes.


After a product’s prototyping stage, I oversee the product through its building and testing stages.



Customers’ needs and priorities often change. Charlie takes user and customer feedback to constantly iterate and refine already stellar products.


Mini-Case Study


ROM6 by 21CP - Mini Case Study

A POS system for scrap yards & recycling centers

  • The first web app for 21CP, a new point of sale (POS) system for scrap yards and recycling centers.
  • A new design system to reduce onboard training for front-line engineers.
  • A custom chat and notifications system for all users of the application

ROM6 has now been released to over 100 rePlanet recycling centers in Southern California.

The previous app on-boarding training required 3 days of training. Our new ROM 6, however, can be completed in 1 hour!

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